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We offer a wide variety of services depending on our customer’s needs.
Here are a few of our standout services listed below.

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Mike Doman

CEO & President

Mike founded Doman Energy to provide engineering support for utility scale solar projects in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Everything from original concepts to detailed layouts and single lined drawings. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering and to this day he holds the record of the most efficient solar project in the country.  Mike has worked with Shell and other large companies for the last 30 years in this industry.

Aaron Burkhart

Director of Business & Projects Development

Aaron's work focuses primarily on Business & Projects Development. He has a BS and MS from NCSU in Renewable Energy and Environmental Assessment. He also works as our companies Environmental Specialist ensuring environmental compliance for our clients.  One of the early professionals out of NC's rapidly growing solar industry, he has seen and worked on all types of solar projects throughout the US.

Kevin Mackamul

Director of Engineering

Kevin has been working in the solar industry for 45 years now.  He has a degree in Applied Physics from the University of Redlands.  He has worked with Shell, Stion, and many other large companies as the solar industry has developed.  He continues this engineering work with Doman Energy to ensure large scale solar projects are designed to the cutting edge and of the utmost quality.

Riley Harwood

Project / Programs Manager

Riley is also one of the early solar professionals out of NC's large solar industry. He as a degree from NCSU with a focus in Renewable Energy.  He works as the Director of Projects for both our drone services, and large scale solar projects. He has extensive experience in the residential, commercial, and utility-scale sectors of the solar industry.

Our Staff & Extended Family

In addition to our executive staff we work with one of the best teams a company could ask for.  Experienced professionals in renewable energy as well as experts from many different disciplines across the country. Furthermore, our extended family are partners throughout the energy sector who provide expert quality to our projects.  This includes professionals from Substation Engineers to Supply Chain Experts.

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